In this brief treatise, I’m simply expressing about LIFE in its purest sense. As a kid growing up in Nigeria, some form of rambunctiousness laced my bones and marrows.
And it affected my upward glide and dragged me back a few years in academics. But my mother of blessed memory didn’t let up or let go of her third surviving son. Mum sacrificed her money and other valuable treasures to make me stand strong as I flunked one examination after another.

At a season of life when reality hit, I had to have a conversation with my soul. Running into younger guys from my neighborhood who were riding high in various Universities home and abroad was the motivation. I assured myself that I was better than them as I struggled.

Then suddenly, a turnaround hit at age 21 when I gave up on distracting lifestyles of happy-times, and party-here-party-there fiddle-faddle. This turnaround was due to my mum’s sacrifice of precious financial investments in me alongside much prayer. It paid off.

What is sacrifice? Sacrifice simply means giving up something you cherish to get something better you hope for. It may also mean giving up something in expectation of nothing.
You may have a different definition. The truth about sacrifice is that it is painful, agonizing, and sometimes destabilizing. Sacrifice is tough and It upends routine lifestyles.
…to be continued


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